Eat By Design Meal Box - 3 Meals, 2 Person

$79.00 each

EatByDesign meal boxes empower you with the resources to eat well. Our team of qualified Nutritionists and Dietitians use seasonal fruit and vegetables to develop the weekly recipes featured in the box.The boxes are entirely Gluten Free.

Please note, a delivery fee now applies, $8.95 for weekly, deliveries, $14.95 for weekend deliveries.

This week's menu is by the EatByDesign team:

Chicken Schnitzel:  Almond & parsley crusted chicken breast pan fried and served with broccoli, sweet potato wedges and fresh lemon.

Pumpkin & Cabbage Salad with Baked Salmon:  Oven baked salmon served with a roast pumpkin, cabbage salad with lemon and pumpkin seeds.

Chilli Beef Bowls:  Rich and spicy tomato based grass fed beef mince bowls served with mushrooms, carrots, spinach topped with mashed avocado.


Olive oil Sea salt & pepper 1 egg ½ tbl tamari/soy sauce


This box is available for purchase everyday and at a time that suits you! Upon checkout, please carefully select your delivery day and time.The box can be picked up in store, you just need to specify this at checkout.

Subscription Option  You may choose to order the box once off, or you can select a Weekly or Fortnightly repeat order.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please contact

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