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Produce of Australia

What and Where Carrot is a root vegetable native to present day Afghanistan.

Flavour Sweet

Texture Crisp, raw; al dente, cooked

Use Carrots are very versatile. They can roasted, sautéed, stir fried, turned into a creamy dip, blended into a warming soup, and added to everything from slow cook casseroles to crisp little salads. And of course, they can be transformed into a beautifully moist cake. 

Cooking Tip Carrots will benefit from being washed but do not need to be peeled before being used.

Selection and Storage Choose firm carrots (they shouldn’t bend) that have a bright colour, an even skin (there should be no wrinkles or splits) and a gently sweet aroma. Keep refrigerated in a plastic bag.

In Season Available all year

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