Bananas Organic

Approximately $0.99 each ($4.99 per kg)

What and Where Bananas, considered native to South-East Asia, are one the oldest known fruits. Our organic banana growers are based in Tully in North Queensland and their eco-friendly practices means that no farming chemicals are washed off into the river system that flows into the delicately balanced Great Barrier Reef.

Flavour Sweet

Texture Moist and firm

Use Organic bananas can of course be used in lots of different sweet dishes but we think they are best suited to creating baked treats like banana muffins, banana bread, banana pancakes and banana fritters.

Cooking Tip If an organic banana or two becomes over ripe pop them in the freezer – they’ll be perfect for baking with.

Selection and Storage Remember that if an organic banana is firm all over but has some dark markings on the skin these indicate that it is merely very ripe, not that it is past its best. Remember too to keep organic bananas separate from other fruit, vegetables and flowers as the ethylene gas they release accelerates ripening. Finally, don’t forget the paper bag trick; pop an organic banana in a paper bag, seal it, place it somewhere warm, and the banana will ripen further.

In Season Available all year

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