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111 Ormond Road , Elwood
VIC, Australia • 3184

03 9531 6542 |

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7:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Hello and welcome to The Leaf Store. 
Due to the second wave of covid, our online store is very busy. We are working as hard as we can to meet the demand, but we can only do so much. Please be patient as it may take a couple of days to shop your order and have it delivered. It's not the delivery that's the issue, it just takes time to shop for you. If you think about how long it would take you to shop your order, just imagine one of us taking the time to do this for you. Then doing it all day. 

For any new online customer, we do not charge you until we have finished the shopping and the order is on its way. Please check your final invoice for any out of stocks.  

Generally Wednesday and Thursday are the 2 "quieter" home shopping days, but at the moment the overflow from Monday and Tuesday are flowing into these days. 


Leon Mugavin